The Trickster Delta Kite

A Classic Series Kite

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Boreal Kites

About the kite:

The Trickster is our first new kite since my horrendous car accident - in 1999. Anne had the concept, and preliminary drawings worked out before my accident, but then everything was put on hold for a couple of years until I recovered. We had the first versions of it flying last year (2002), but neither of us was happy with the colours.

The very first one used white cloth, black, a light blue/dark blue bleed and orange. Th blue colours disappeared in both the white and black backgrounds. I produced a second one substituting red for the blues. The design elements were much more visible, but Anne didn't like the colour combination at all. We finally compromised on a purple for the problem colour, and we were both happy with the results (pictured above).

We also offer it in the black, red, orange colour combination we flew last year.If you would like to see it, click here.


The Trickster comes in two sizes: Small - 66 inch wingspan, 66 inches from nose to tail-tips and Large - 11 foot wingspan, 11 feet from nose to tail-tips.

The sail fabric is Contender Nylite, made without the resin coating (this allows better dye uptake and stronger colours). The frame is spiral-wound epoxy tubing (solid fibreglass wing spars on the Small only.

This kite flies easily in any wind above 3-4 mph.