. . . a definition:

Boreal: (bor e al) 1.) adj.; Of, or pertaining to the north; 2.) Of, or pertaining to the north wind; 3.) noun; A gentle wind from the north. (Oxford English Dictionary)

. . . some info about the kites:

All of our kites are single-line kites, produced by screen-printing and/or handpainting acid dyes onto ripstop nylon sailcloth yardage, steam-setting the colours, then cutting and sewing the cloth into kites. This is a tiny niche, of both the textile printing and the kite worlds, which we feel we have made our own through fifteen years of experimentation and trial and error to achieve the colours and results that we do now.

We originally used a white, 3/4 oz. sailcloth from Bainbridge/Aquabatten that was unique in not having the coating used to windproof the cloth. This allowed our dyes to penetrate the cloth much more fully and give stronger colours. This cloth was discontinued several years ago. We were fortunate to have Contender Sailcloth supply us with an uncoated version of their 3/4 oz. Nylite spinnaker cloth. Nylite actually works better with our dyes than the original Bainbridge cloth did.


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